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Apr 30, 2019

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It took us a while to really try at making location independent income, but once we put ourselves out there we don't feel like we'll ever go back to our old ways. 

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4 Hour Workweek book by Time Ferriss

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Apr 23, 2019

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We have not gone to a church on a regular basis in all of our 15 year marriage. What do we do instead? Why did we make this choice? Are we in the minority? 

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Apr 16, 2019

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We cut the cord from cable/satellite several years ago and have chosen to make choices about screen time, intentionally. We believe that it has been beneficial for us and has lead us to make other decisions with intention.

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Apr 9, 2019

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In this episode we talk about co-sleeping or bed-sharing with our babies. Many pediatricians advise against it, but we said...Hey, it works for us. And our children are doing quite well. Take a listen as we dive a little deeper. 

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Apr 5, 2019

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In this episode, J.R. interviews Jenny Story and her mother Janet Walmsley. With her mother's help, Jenny overcame an autism diagnosis at the age of 3 and has gone on to become a professional animator and published author. She has released her first book in a trilogy series, "Dysnomia:...